Success Stories

Amazing results are possible with the correct use of controlled force techniques and cutting-edge technology. This is where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Case 1

Palatal disjunction or maxillary expansion:
In this case we can see how an expansion of the maxilla is done when it is collapsed and does not give us space to integrate all the teeth in the arch and 1 or more are out of place. This procedure is ideally performed on patients, mostly children who are still growing.

Case 2

Deep bite and severe crowding:
In these progress photos of conventional orthodontic treatment (traditional braces) we can see how the patient started with a deep bite: when the upper teeth mostly or totally cover the lower teeth. In the advance, the lower teeth and an improvement in their alignment can be seen.

Case 3

Teeth included:
In this case we have an included tooth (tooth that for some reason could not come out of the gum and got stuck) for its correction first brackets were placed and teeth were aligned and more space was made to be able to lower the included tooth «trapped in the gum «once the necessary space was obtained to accommodate it in the mouth, a multidisciplinary work was done with an orthodontist and a periodontist who performed the surgery to be able to find that tooth inside the gum and to be able to place an accessory that would allow us to lower the tooth month after month. until you can align it with the others.

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