Helps with problems related to alignment, straightening or protrusions in the teeth.

What is?

Study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies in the shape, position, relationship and function of dentomaxillofacial structures, with the purpose of keeping them in an optimal state of health and harmony through the use and control of different types, such as invisible orthodontics : ideal to keep the aesthetic section intact.

Invisible Orthodontics

With this technique, the fixed appliances are placed on the internal face of the teeth, while in the conventional one they are located on the external face.

When should they be used?

Invisible orthodontics is an alternative to conventional orthodontics. That is, they can be used in the same cases. It is only a matter of the decision and tastes of each patient.

Types of invisible orthodontics

There’s two. On the one hand, lingual orthodontics, where they are custom designed according to the structure of each patient. And on the other, Invisalign. If you want to know more about him, click here.

Conventional or invisible?

With this treatment, the same results are obtained, although with a higher cost and a longer period of time, but with the advantage that they are not visible to the eye.


The main point in favor is the aesthetic section, since they are barely noticeable and allow them to lead a totally normal life without the oral apparatus being affected.


You may need more time to finish treatment if you use invisible orthodontics instead of conventional orthodontics. Costs are also usually higher.

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