Gradually accommodate your teeth with a series of clear plastic trays, which stay in place all day except when you’re eating, brushing or flossing.

Goodbye braces!

This treatment is the most efficient way to straighten your teeth because at different stages of the process, only the teeth that need to be moved move. However, this does not mean that it makes them faster compared to brackets, in fact both give results at approximately the same speed.

Invisalign Treatment

Everything you need to know about these transparent plastic molds

What is Invisalign?

This treatment involves a series of clear plastic molds that gradually move your teeth. It will cover different stages as your teeth are properly adjusted.

How does it work?

A three-dimensional «movie» of each patient’s mouth is created, simulating the entire process your teeth will go through as they fit together correctly.

How long should I have them?

Ideally you should have them on all day except when you eat or wash. The total duration of treatment depends on each case.


Enjoy your life without interruptions. You decide when to wear them and have the freedom to remove them to comfortably eat or brush your teeth, as well as floss.

Specialist follow-up

It is advisable to visit a specialist before the age of 7 to detect possible problems in advance. In the case of adults, at least one general check-up per year is suggested.

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