They are fixed or removable orthodontic appliances that are used to align the teeth. There are different types, such as self-ligating or aesthetic brackets.

Which ones are for me?

While there are many options for straightening teeth, orthodontic treatment will depend on each patient and their preferences. It should be noted that the brackets are each of the pieces that are held by a ligature (or a ring) that is generally made of metal that is glued to the front surface of the tooth.

Types of braces

Although both fulfill the same function, there are differences that you should know.

Self-ligating brackets

With a good aesthetic appearance, they boast a great capacity for movement in the teeth, with almost no discomfort and shortening the treatment time.


They manage to reduce the accumulation of bacterial plaque around it, provide more constant and lighter forces, expand the dental arches more effectively and reduce orthodontic movement discomfort.

How do they work?

It stands out for having a system incorporated within the bracket itself that fixes the orthodontic wire, without having to use conventional metallic or elastic ligatures.

Aesthetic braces

They are usually made of porcelain or sapphire. And they are aesthetic since they go quite unnoticed in sight. They are of good durability and effectiveness.


As they are transparent, they blend in with the color of the tooth, becoming practically imperceptible to the eye at a certain distance. They are fixed appliances, just like their predecessors in metallic materials.

How do they work?

They have the same operation as conventional brackets, except for the difference in materials. Here there are materials such as ceramic, sapphire, resin, polycarbonate or plastic.

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