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I am a specialist in orthodontics, and I am focused on comprehensively addressing each of my patients throughout their treatment using cutting-edge techniques and equipment that guarantee effective results.

How can i help you?

I put at your disposal the following services that will help improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth

Dental aligners

The purpose of both aligners and braces is to correct bad occlusions, however aligners are a more comfortable, hygienic and aesthetic option.


A person with a bad bite needs treatment. I have traditional, ceramic, palatal expander, invisible brackets (braces), among others.

Dental orthopedics

Branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of bone and functional disorders of the jaws for growing patients.

About me

Dra. Natalia Denisse Gómez Servín – Orthodontist

I graduated as a Dental Surgeon at the UANL and studied the specialty in orthodontics and dentomaxillary orthopedics at the AME University. I like to keep myself constantly updated, which is why I participate in courses and congresses in the area of orthodontics at a national level.

I am also certified to use the Invisalign system. I attended a Carriere Motion Appliance training to convert complex class II and III cases into simple class I cases, taught by Dr. John A. Giraldo, in 2018.

I have more than 4 years of experience, within which I have treated more than 550 patients and performed more than 800 procedures.

  • Dentist ID: 9459879
  • Specialist ID: 12340442

I am certified in Invisalign

Invisalign specialist

Align your teeth in a more comfortable way

Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear plastic trays to gradually move your teeth. They stay in place throughout the day, except when brushing, flossing and eating. They are changed every two to three weeks as the teeth straighten. The shape of the molds and the final position of the teeth is determined by creating a three-dimensional «film» of each patient’s mouth.


Success stories

See how real patients changed the function and appearance of their teeth with orthodontic treatments that returned the power of a smile to their faces.

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